By using Transdev Link’s internet service, you hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that there are significant security, privacy and confidentiality risks inherent in accessing or transmitting information through the internet, whether the connection is facilitated through wired or wireless technology. Security issues include, without limitation, interception of transmissions, loss of data, and the introduction or viruses and other programs that can corrupt or damage your computer.

Accordingly, you agree that Transdev Link, Transport for NSW and the provider of this network are NOT liable for any interception or transmissions, computer worms or viruses, loss of data, file corruption, hacking or damage to your computer or other devices that result from the transmission or download of information or materials through the internet service provided. Transdev Link will try to make the internet service available, but we do not warrant it is fault free or fit for purpose and it may be interrupted, limited or curtailed due to maintenance or repair work. You are responsible for ensuring the compatibility of your device with the internet service. Drivers will not, and are not permitted to, assist with or troubleshoot any issues with the internet service.


Use of the wireless network is subject to the following restrictions:

  • You will not engage in behaviour in breach any law, including but not limited to spamming and invasion of privacy, intellectual property right violations, unauthorised or illegal access to the computers or networks of any third party, export control violations, the making of threats, or access to or distribution of illicit substances or child pornography;

  • You will not engage in unacceptable uses, including but not limited to behaviour that is defamatory, harassing or abusive, hacking, the distribution of viruses, Trojan horses or other destructive activities, high bandwidth operations, advertising (such as direct marketing and spam) or intercepting or examining the contents of messages, files or communications in transit on a data network;

  • Use of the internet service must be reasonable and you are restricted in the bandwidth available for use. The download or streaming of videos is not permitted;


Transdev Link retains the right to monitor your use of the internet service and if abnormal, illegal, or unauthorized behaviour is detected, including breach of the restrictions set out above or the heavy consumption of bandwidth, Transdev Link and/or the network provider reserves the right to disconnect the offending device from the wireless network. The collection of any personal information by Transdev Link will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy located on our website (click here).